Rules and Guidelines

* We will be using cleaning agents and sanitizers for our equipment to sterilize them in between each service.  We continue to follow strict guidelines as part of our requirements to maintain our license.

* Masks not required.  

* We will be wiping down our credit card terminal, desk, seats, stations, door handles, phones and any other area that comes into regular contact as needed.

* If a team member is sick or displaying symptoms they will stay home or be sent home to take care of themselves and their environment. 

* All Products have been cleaned and sanitized prior to purchase to ensure your safety.  

* In addition to increased sanitation procedures,  We have gone one step further and purchased an ActivePure air Purifier.  This air purifier utilizes technology used by NASA aboard the Space Station. It will sit at the desk and run continuously to rid the air of all contaminants, dust, allergens and viruses as they come, throughout each day.  ( you can check out the specifics on our website) 

We are all in this together.  In order to serve you to the standard we are committed to,  we ask that you work with us to help keep you and everyone in the business safe.  Please support us with the following steps:

* All payments will remain the same. 

* If you feel sick or feel any symptoms of sickness, we ask that you reschedule your appointment with us.