Modern Service Menu

We strive to give men what they want. Most men don’t want the chain experience or to be sandwhiched in between color applications at the Salon. Our service menu goes far beyond the traditional barbershop yet is still very much geared toward today’s man

Regular Haircut

Our basic haircut includes a hot lather straight razor nape shape to finish your look

Massaging Shampoo

Add a messaging shampoo to your cut,  includes a hot steam towel and scalp message while relaxing in a shiatsu massage chair.

Beard Grooming

Need to tame that wild animal growing on your face? We offer a variety of beard grooming services.

Straight Razor Facial Shaves

Yes that right! We do straight razor facial shaves with Taylor of Old Bond Street shaving products. Includes Hot Towel with aftershave and Suavecito skin tightening cream finish


We do all kinds of waxing for men: Brow, Ears, Nose, etc. Remove those unsightly hairs that grow in unwanted places!


We use Elegance Purifying Black Mask which has a special formula that unblocks clogged pores by pealing it all away. It will remove all of the dirt and blackheads from your face. The charcoal ingredient acts as a magnet to draw out even the most stubborn impurities. Elegance Purifying Black Mask uses naturally derived ingredients to help restore and balance your skin. It will leave your face feeling completely rejuvenated.

Color Services

Yes we perform color services for men, no need to let gray hair prematurely age you. Or if you just want to stand out, we offer multiple color services for men.

All Kinds of Grooming Products for MEN

Most men want something unique and uncommon, that’s why we have partnered with a few select brands to finish your look. Our most recent is 18.21 Man Made.

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